Have You Had Your Spinach (Paalak) Today?


Popeye sure was onto something when he opted for spinach (paalak) over all other foods. Vitamins, minerals and wholesome nutrients; this leafy green vegetable has everything it takes to pack a powerful punch of healthy goodness. This low calorie food is popular for restoring energy levels, giving your organs a revitalizing boost, and enhancing the quality of blood composition and blood flow around the body. These reasons, and several more, are pivotal in establishing spinach as a super-food that should not be overlooked.
Are you ready to find out why there should be a permanent place for spinach in your dietary plan? Let’s get started right away.

Excellent for Digestive Health

Every 100 grams of spinach is loaded with 2 grams of fiber. Fiber is the bulk matter required by the body to keep the digestive system running smoothly. It also promotes that feeling of fullness which prevents overeating and subsequent weight gain.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

According to several research studies, spinach is generously stocked with compounds known as flavonoids. Equipped with anti-cancer properties, flavonoids work hard to not only slow down the growth of cancer cells, but also to prevent the multiplication of cancerous cells in the body. Research has specifically pointed out that as far as risk-reduction of prostate cancer is concerned, spinach is an exceptional health food.

Protection against Diseases

Given its high anti-oxidant content, spinach has the power to reduce the risk of several diseases such as osteoporosis, blood pressure concerns, and heart conditions. Spinach is especially rich in vitamin C, manganese, zinc, beta-carotene, selenium, and vitamin E. All these nutrients function as strong antioxidants. To learn more about antioxidants, read: The Real Deal on Anti-oxidants

Promotes Bone Health

We have always been told that milk is the best option for strong bones. However, research has uncovered that spinach contains rich amounts of Vitamin K which keeps bones healthy and strong. Calcium, the mineral that is popularly associated with healthy teeth and bones, is also present in spinach. This vegetable is a viable alternative for those who cannot consume milk for medical reasons.

Maintains Strong Eyesight

With age, your eyesight becomes weak and vulnerable to diseases. The right nutrients however, can slow down this process of age-related vision loss. Spinach, with its lutein and zeaxanthin content, has just what you need to protect your eyesight from diseases such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. To learn more about these beneficial compounds, Read: Suffering from Vision Problems? These Eye Nutrients Can Help!

This Leafy Green is a Winner!

Whether you add fresh spinach to your salad or use it to make mouthwatering paalak paneer, the choice is entirely yours. Just make sure that this wonderful vegetable is a part of your regular diet. Read How to Choose the Best Salad Greens for information on how to buy spinach leaves that are fresh and safe for consumption. And remember: Stay happy, eat healthy, and adopt a lifestyle that will keep you fit and strong.

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